M.S.A. Architects & Eng.

Mohammad Saleh Aburabi Architects

 Amman , Jordan



A Multidisciplinary design firm based in Amman, Jordan providing design services in architecture, interior, landscape and urban design.

Founded on early 2002 by Mohammad Aburabi principal architect and  owner of M.S.A.  Architects with the following  Degrees & Professional Affiliations :

- Dot.  Architecture Laurea  from Italy - Napoli ( Universita' Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II )

 - Italian Professional Architect  diploma

- Member in the Jordan Association of Architects and Engineers, Amman ,Jordan

- Member of the Federation of Arab Architects and Engineers           

- Member of Jordanian Society for Renewable Energy

- Member of Jordanian Association of Architects


M.S.A is supported with an excellent team of architects, Engineers, draftsmen and 3D visualizers


M.S.A Competitions 

- SPANA Competition .

-Baitona Competition

-Emirates Energy Award competition .

-JEA Sustainable Architecture Competition .  



Our Vision:

Architecture is constantly evolving and we must keep pace with this development, but that does not mean that we abandon our needs and health and care.

Architecture should serve us the right way that we want and achieve our ambitions and hopes as it must be beautiful .

Our lives are touched by those who lived centuries ago, and we hope that our lives will mean something to those who will live centuries from now.

It's a great 'chain of being', Our job is to hope, to dream and to do the best we can to hold up our small segment of that chain.