Culture and Design

Cultural Center

Laid on a plot area of 27000 sqm, Irbid Cultural Center Project has been Designed to serve the city of Irbid, where is no similar project exist on the same city,

To serve the city of Irbid, Jordan with a ground built up area of 10000 sqm with a total floors area of 25000 sqm.

The Cultural center is composed of :

1- Theater of 5000 sqm ground area, 2 floors of amphitheater with a capacity for 2200 person, back of house, towers and administration tower.

22 m stage width and 28 m height,  back attached with actors facilities, Rooms, Cafeteria, Rest rooms, dressmaking, tailoring and back of stage.

The theater represent the city plazas, we  locate inside it restaurants, cafes, meeting places and seating areas.

The basement under stage is designed  to build all the scenes and hang it up through  openings in the stage floor.

2- Library ( books and magazines departments) , the library own all the required facilities with total built up area of 6000 sqm

3-  Museum , 4000 sqm built-up area divided in tow high floors as an exhibition areas.

All the components of the project are tied with Aisles, Arcades, Area-ways , Boardwalks.



SPANA " Society for the Protection of Animals "

This project was designed to form a culture among school students, especially the elementary stages. Culture about the life of the pet and the culture of the environment in which they live and to see it closely and develop to concern the culture of animal welfare.

The land is designed according to the diversity of climatic and geological terrain of forests, desert, pastures, rugged areas and water that inhabit these animals.

When the student walks in this ecological park, through the organization of school tours sees this amount of environmental diversity and animal , and he see how they live and inhabit, these animals, after that he has a culture of love and care for animals .

Within the project class rooms for lectures and lodging housing for animals such as chickens rabbits sheep, goats, donkey and dog ..etc .